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Gold Universe only wants the very best for his customers. Therefore we are looking for the highest qualitative and unique gemstones, diamonds and pearls. After appointment you can contact us. With great pleasure, we listen to your ideas regarding the unique jewel you are already waiting for a long time. We are listening to all your personal needs and around your suggestions we design a jewelry exclusive, unique in its kind.

Gold Universe

For customers who difficultly express their opinions, we have already finished and exclusive jewellery in stock from which they can make their preferred choice. The collection is designed with the greatest care for its quality, its exclusivity and for its finesse. For this reason, we work together with our partners, including our house diamond merchant, who offers us an optimized cut of diamond, in particular the "Centenaire". This is a 0,30 carat polished diamond with 100 facets, that is so calculated that it provides an optimal brilliance to the diamond. For Gold Universe, we have carefully chosen our supplier of precious stones, because they can offer us unique cut of gemstones. Those gemstones are selected together, so that we always meet the highest norms for purity, colour and cut. With this unique gemstones you, as a customer, obtain an exclusive jewel with the largest finesse finished by Gold Universe. Also with pearls, we can offer unique pieces. Indeed, our pearl supplier has its own pearl farm, where one aims to produce pearls of a superior quality. Here we talk about Tahiti pearls, Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, and others. These pearls have a particular size, color and purity, so that we also can design a magnificent and exclusive jewel.

Customers can also contact Gold Universe to estimate their old jewellery and eventually to sell them partially or totally. We also assist our clients with highly professional advice regarding the possibility of sale, treatment or investment of (old) gold.